Prissy Landrum Elrod
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"Talk about how Americans are redefining their conversations around a meaningful and fulfilling retirement! It was truly a pleasure to introduce Prissy to our clients. She exudes compassion, vision, drive, and execution of conquering her adversity--all wrapped up in her fabulously unique, artistically delivered, and charmingly Southern way."

Michael F. Robinson, CFP, Vice President - Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch

"Her message is so powerful and relatable to people in everyday life. She is a humorist, and her sincerity gives peace, encouragement, and comfort to the listeners. I was bulled over by her entire presentation."

Denice C. Thomas, First Vice President, SunTrust Investment Securities Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

"Mrs. Elrod's keynote address was a huge success. I have received many great compliments from our members. She has an incredible message, which we found to be relevant for any audience. It has been months since her speech at our annual conference, and I continue to field questions about where to buy her book. Her story is full of life's lessons, hope, and enthusiasm. I highly recommend her."

Bob Burleson, President, Florida Transportation Builders Association

"She's an incredible speaker, very powerful. She has a wonderful sense of humor to share in a very dark time a story of hope and inspiration. I encourage you to have her come speak to you."

Karen Mayfield, Senior Vice President, SunTrust Bank, SunTrust Investment Services Inc.


- Caterpillar to butterfly - How to become a butterfly when your life falls apart

- Difficult transitions - Overcoming what life throws at you

- Reinvention - How to make a profession out of an accidental career

- Tragedy - How I created a new life by finding hidden passions

- Unexpected friendships - How to use unexpected friendships to become enlightened

- Unprepared - Overcoming the mistake of being unprepared financially

- Manuscripts - How to sell thousands of books in months through self-publishing

- Widowhood - Ten critical things all women need to do before becoming a widow