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Is that really your name....?

"How many times have I been asked that question?Well, let me count the ways. Too many. Yes indeed, it is my name. Why? My daddy thought I would have a hard time spelling Priscilla in first grade; he shortened it to Prissy when I was six hours old. I can't recall anyone ever calling me Priscilla. Wait, yes I can. A Catholic priest, Father Malone, called me Priscilla when I was in parochial school. He probably thought it awkward hollering, "Prissy, that's good enough", as I spit shined the chalk board.What can I tell you about me? Well, for one thing, I'm a newbie author. For that reason, I figured it was important to inspect my Facebook page, maybe tweek it with some professional glitter. There was some crazy stuff hanging on my profile after all these years. Does FB keep everything? Yikes! I found something I posted in 2009, labeled 25 random thoughts. I'm just like an old hair-style, not much has changed. I still think exactly the same. I thought I would share the Prissy from 2009 even though it is 2014. Why reinvent the wheel? There is one exception. See if you can find it in the following 25 Random thoughts, January 31, 2009 at 8:40pm 1. I went in and asked for a blueberry at Alltell and they all laughed at me.2. Thank God every night for my beautiful daughers, grandpeeps, and perfect husband and wonder how I can be this lucky.3. Love to sit quietly and remember what I was doing exactly at the same time when I was Garrett and Sara Britton's age.4. I really think I will be a famous novelist one day, even though I have never written a single word outside my "head" book.5. I love hearing people tell me they saw one of my girls and how beautiful and special they are.6. It is so magical to watch Kenley look at me with her dimples and tell me she loves me.7. I am very friendly and want to know everything about people I don't know, and even find myself asking them strange questions.8. I was told while visiting Lake City, Florida (my hometown) that I must be a "city" girl because I was more friendly than the LC people. Go figure that out.9. I knew one day that life would be quiet and peaceful and I would be happy.10. I continue to be surprised when someone says I am an artist. I think of myself "so not" an artist.10. I love medical shows that deal with a diagnosis of any kind and wish I had gone to medical school.11. I truly believe you are what you eat and worry I have become a preacher and no-one will want to eat with me anymore.12. Mornings are my favorite, when I walk into my kichen, and my hubby has already heard my feet and made my espresso. He hands it to me and says he loves me.13. Watching Britton sleep with her hands over her head at night which is exactly how I sleep.14. I love having my entire family in my living room and looking around and feeling safe since I know they are right in front of me.15. Knowing that both of my sisters are right around the corner and one is always there to watch over my mother.16. Happiness --I still have my mother and always missing my daddy.17. I feel such gratitute that Dale was sent from heaven to take care of me and my girls and to be a Pops to my precious ones who love him so.18. Still thinking I will play the piano once again and surprise my family at dinner one night and play Somewhere Over the Rainbow.19. I love walking in my neighborhood and listening to my music and wondering which of these songs tell which of those stories. I do sometimes think"that one" would be nice at my funeral. Sick, I know.20. I dream at night in technicolor and all of those before me come back and visit me for hours.21. I stay up late at night, very late, and worry about things I cannot change but want to.22. I plan to begin tomorrow thinking only about wonderful things, my beautiful family, healthy lives, (which is all that matters) and start painting again soon.23. I love going to Maclay, picking up Britton, and smelling the school and children. It brings all the wonderful memories back to me.24. I love listening to my daughters talk about their lives, their husbands, their dreams, their memories, even though it is sometimes bitter sweet.25. What a wonderful world that I have such great friends that carried me during heavy times and now I can carry them. Did you notice I had two #10's? Funny. So there you have it, a bit about me before you read the book. You will know everything after you read it. And yes, as a begger now, I look forward to your review. If you like Far Outside the Ordinary, please tell Mr. Amazon, the King of every writer in the kingdom. If you don't, please tell your cat or dog. They will want to know since they may have my same name, Prissy. The shame will drive them under the couch and you will have some peace."

Prissy Landrum Elrod


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