Prissy Landrum Elrod
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Prissy Elrod was born in Lake City, a charming little town nestled in northern Florida. She has a small studio in her home, dividing her time between painting and writing. The painting came first; her canvases are filled with paintings of children, landscapes, Florida, water, barns, and pets. Writing came a few years later. She awoke one morning with a yearning, a feeling surfaced from deep within. She had a story to tell. Her writing journey began that very day.

Prissy never thought of herself as a writer, most certainly never an author. Like many things in her life, writing evolved during the process of living. It would take four years before she finished her first book, having read and arduously studied more than forty-eight books on the craft of writing. She may never know where the urge to write came from, or really why. She is simply grateful it did.


Prissy Elrod loves to paint and has been doing so for the past fifteen years. What started as a hobby soon became her passion. As a result, three coloring books were created under her guidance and shines because of her artistic editorial care. This set of coloring books are Far Outside the Ordinary Coloring Butterflies, Far Outside the Ordinary Coloring Flowers and Far Outside the Ordinary Coloring Circles.

These Coloring Books for grownups are a perfect companion to her Far Outside the Ordinary memoir. As you color these beautifully designed scenes, you're able to indulge your creative freedom and relax your overworked mind. The book is designed to allow you to choose your favorite colorful marker, gel, pencil, or pen. The heavy stock page is easily removed and fits into a standard 8" x 10" frame. Each book contains 48 black-and-white drawings, 144 drawings total in the set that you can color to create your own art. The Far Outside the Ordinary coloring book set won the National Coloring Associations 2016 Best Coloring Book Contest. Thesebooks are Made in the USA, designed in Florida and printed in Michigan.

For those of you who haven't read Prissy's memoir, you will find snippets of reviews on the back of each drawing. These may entice you learn more about her book, which you can do by visiting her website, The cover of Far Outside the Ordinary was submitted to the 2014 Print Regional Design Annual competition. The Regional Design Annual is America's preeminent design competition. The Far Outside the Ordinary cover design was named in Print magazine's Award Winning Book Cover Designs.


Prissy Elrod's speaking career started shortly after her book Far Outside the Ordinary was released. As the story found within her book spread, readers requested she attend and speak at book clubs and other events in the Southeast. She accepted these invitations and spoke to her audiences about navigating loss and finding a new forward. Since then, larger organizations have reached out to her and engaged her to share her story with their employees.

She has spoken to SunTrust Bank and Merrill Lynch client-development attendees and many other large organizations. She tailors her presentation to benefit the uniqueness of each audience. Prissy is a storyteller, and her takeaway message is made relevant to the needs of each person who attends one of her events.

Her down-to-earth style and humor make her a "Far Outside the Ordinary" speaker, as these testimonials reveal.


An emotionally honest account, Far Outside the Ordinary has been described by some as Steel Magnolias meets The Help. It chronicles the period in Prissy Elrod's life, when during a routine physical, her fifty-year-old husband is diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer and given less than a year to live. Never one to take no for an answer, and driven by hope and her strong faith, Prissy is determined to save her beloved husband and the father of their two daughters. She is a strong, tenacious woman who doesn't accept the diagnosis. Guided by their faith, hope, and love, the two of them spend the next year searching for a medical miracle. Prissy believes her husband will recover and that somehow she can save him.

Despite her extraordinary efforts, her husband's health deteriorates and Prissy has no choice but to find cancer caregivers. She hires two southern black caregivers after a friend's recommendation. The "Angel of Death" moves into her home in Tallahassee, Florida, and works around the clock to aid her family and care for her dying husband. Soon, Prissy finds herself a spectator in her own home, observing events far outside the boundaries of her once ordinary life.

This is a true love story about how people with unwavering southern charm's from different cultures forge friendships and respect for one another, while supporting a man who was given a death notice.After her husband's death, Prissy struggles to make a new life for herself and her two daughters. Far Outside the Ordinary is also a story of happily-ever-after, a fairy tale, and how a second chance at love can come disguised and when least expected. When her high school boyfriend reappears in her life, Prissy learns love has no expiration date. She finds herself swept up in an exciting and romantic love story and realizes this could be a new beginning to the rest of her life.